05 June 2004


You know, weather people on TV have got a good gig. I'd love to make 75 grand to tell people bullshit. Now, I watch the local ABC affiliate out of NYC, and they're pretty good most of the time, but they still suck. This Thursday, they swore that the weekend would nice. They started hedging on Friday morning and today the truth is known. This weekend is gonna suck, weatherwise that is. I guess forecasting has gotten better over the past 40 years but it doesn't seem so, does it? I tell you, if I diagnosed cars with the same succes rate as the local weathermen, Harry would toss me so fast heads would spin. They have a local Long Island station but I can't watch it. It looks like it was produced in someone's basement and the staff is made up of inexperienced kids just out of school or has-beens who can't find a job at one of the 'bigs'. We can turn Mars into a used car lot (don't get me started on NASA) yet we can't forecast the weather accurately here. Sheesh.

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