05 June 2004

Nuclear option

That young smarty Matt Yglesias looks at what it will take to dramatically lessen our dependence on foreign oil. He speaks of the nuclear option in a TAPPED article.

I am one of almost 2 million people who will pay LIPA (Long Island Power Authority, formerly LILCO) for that white elephant known as Shoreham. This is classic NIMBY thinking, everybody freaked out after Three Mile Island and wondered how we could ever evacuate Long Island should bad shit happen at Shoreham. So we built the fucking thing and were afraid to light it, but we have to pay for it anyway. (Far be it that LILCO/LIPA absorb the costs incurred thanks to their bad planning) But I say, if I'm paying for it, fire that motherfucker up. If she blows, we'd never get off the Island in time, even if we could evacuate everybody. We wouldn't know the difference after the initial boom.

LIPA is now opening up all these little fucking turbines everywhere someone will let them, oil fired 5 & 8 MW units. Why not light the atomic fire and get rid of these little pieces of shit? We need large plants that can power whole cities, not little crap turbines that are nothing more than a band aid.

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