18 June 2004

A plug

Just a plug for a talented artist named Joel Pelletier. Encino Man also passed this along this morning:

I am fond of joking that everything I do is a work of art... and while it's true in its own warped way, I also want to pass on info on a true work of art I've had the pleasure to be a small part of, and watch grow. Visit www.joelp.com, and click on the art section. This was done on the paint frame in my scene shop, and Joel is not only a talented painter, but a fine musician (playing bass on many of our musicals) and a friend. I'm honored to pass on this info so that others may see this work. He's in the process of having it shown for the first time soon, and hopes to tour it around the country provoking discussion. I hope it speaks to some of you as well....

I agree with EM that this guy is good. You owe it to yourself to visit his site. Gotta go!


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