18 June 2004


I'm home and it's Friday and I'm a happy fucking camper. Nothing like doing cylinder heads in a Taurus, outside, in 90 degree heat. What isn't good is that Mrs. F is gonna be in the city late tonight, getting together with an old friend of hers who, coincidentally, has the same name as my ex-wife. Yeesh, gives me the willies every time I hear it. Let's just say my first marriage didn't end on good terms. Fortunately, we didn't have children, so we didn't fuck them up. But that's the past. I'm gonna crack a beer and hang out with the dog under my favorite shade tree. It's too hot to do anything else.

NASCAR Sunday, they'll be at Michigan. The DHL 400 they're calling it this year. Oy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed my boy Rusty Wallace doesn't go home on the trailer two weeks in a row. He's starting 41st so it doesn't look promising. It's on Fox at 1 Eastern.

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