09 June 2004

Hot town, summer in the city

Was 103 in the shop today and humid as hell. Where did spring go? The bright spot is that I don't need that fucking Atkins diet. I sweat off 5 lbs. on a day like this. The bad part is that we were just getting our heads above water with the delayed inspections. Amazingly, the machine hasn't broken this week but the shop gets hot when you run cars on the dyno. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers who knowingly broke the law, driving with an expired inspection sticker, in order to give us the work even though we asked them to get it done somewhere else to avoid problems with the police. 90% of the folks waited until we got our machine fixed because they didn't want anyone else fucking with their shit. I guess we're doing something right, eh? That's what I mean about finding a guy you can trust.

Not So Dead Ed stopped in today for a couple hours, looking better than he did Monday. He conned the doctors into giving him an excuse for another couple weeks, but I'm going up to the hospital and bribe them to recind it. I'm sick of answering the fucking phone. It makes me irritable.

Hopefully, the Benzmeister will have my car for me at the end of the week. He wants to look it over once more before he gives it to me. Mrs. F is concerned about me driving her car so much and with the way I drive, I don't blame her.

Speaking of my driving, I've been seeing commercials for this General Motors 24-hour test drive. I wonder if they'd give me a 'Vette to beat on . . .er, test drive for 24 hours? I wonder if I'd be liable for repairs? And you know I'd burn off the rear tires within the first hour. I guess they don't want to see me at the local Chevy dealer. I could ply them with a case of Budweiser . . .

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