15 June 2004


Democratic Veteran pulls an article from the Washington Post that just about sums up how I feel. I stole both of 'em.

Fred Hiatt

Pretty good column in the Post.

Because the administration seeks to obfuscate rather than inform and because congressional oversight has been so anemic, there is still much we don't know about the U.S. torture scandal. President Bush will say only that he has followed the law. "That ought to comfort you," he told reporters last week.

It cannot comfort us, though, because we have read the leaked Defense Department memorandum arguing (in March 2003) that no law banning torture or regulating interrogation can bind the president when he is operating in his role as commander in chief. So he may authorize abuse and still believe he is, as he said, adhering to the law.
Instead, we see a president who ducks responsibility and gives lawyers' answers. And the difficult choices are kicked down the chain of command, where they do not belong.

Yeah, what he said. Nothing that Preznit No Cojones would say would comfort me, except "I quit". At this point to call the 1600 Crew Nixonian is an insult to Nixon.

Never thought I'd see the day when I said that.

We've been lied to for four years people. If you think Nixon was bad, wait until everything comes out about this administration over the next few years. We gotta get those assholes out of the White House.

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