15 June 2004

Heat it up

This is one of the reasons I hate the NYC area. Let me just say that so far, the reasons I love New York far outweigh the reasons I hate it.

I don't like humidity. My body hates it and my brain hates it. I sweat like a fucking pig and it was humid today. Shellhead brought a car in for inspection and it overheated on the dyno, spitting 230 degree GM Dexcool anti-freeze every-fucking-where. Then Idiot (a guy from another shop) brings one in that doesn't pass emissions. So after we run it twice, fail it, he takes it back and fiddles with it, then returns an hour later and it fails again after running twice, the shop is 105 and we're dripping. The fans couldn't keep up. I hate New York.

On the bright side, Not So Dead Ed stopped by and he's looking better. Hopefully, the doctors got him a little more time before he's Really Dead Ed. At least he answered the phone while he was there. Slacker.

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