08 June 2004

Summer's here

91 and fucking humid in NYC today. We were dying but the work got done. Then, on my way home, some genius decides to cut off a tractor-trailer hauling 80,000 lbs of construction debris. Well, they had to shut the Expressway down at the county line, I think every Nassau and Suffolk PD unit within 20 miles was there, HazMat too, and they were guiding a chopper in for the guy in the Toyota (I think it was a Toyota) wedged under the front of the semi. Fucking asshole, took me forever to get home and he's probably dead.

Let this be a lesson for all you assholes who like to dart in and out of traffic. Weight wins, dickhead. Your little shitbag Jap car may handle like a dream and stop on a dime, but a Kenworth doesn't. Cut one off at 65 and slam on the brakes. See what happens, moron. They'll be hosing you out your good-handling, great-stopping coffin.


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