17 June 2004


Does SECDEF Rumsfeld ever give a straight answer? This guy doesn't even bother trying to dazzle anyone with his brilliance, he just baffles them with bullshit. In-fucking-credible. By the time he's done answering a fucking question, you forget what the press weenie asked him in the first place. I want to throw him a beating. No, I want to see him in jail for the murder of 800 of our children and thousands of Iraqis. Rat bastid.

Update 15:05: He's still on and my head is spinning. I look up to my Samurai Katana, hanging on the wall 25 feet away. The act of Seppuku is an honorable one. If I kill myself, I won't have to hear him ever again. Yeah, but who'd walk the dog and keep Mrs. F smiling?

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