08 June 2004

The right spot

Does your dog have to find the right spot to pee or take a dump? Mine, or should I say Mrs. F's little princess, has to find the exact spot to leave a deposit. I mean, I see dogs all day long, walking down the street they just pull over and water the hydrant or do their business and the owner picks it up. No thought, no hesitation, just put on the turn signal and pull over, bam, done, let's move on. If my dog had thumbs she'd be using a ruler to figure just where to go, down to the millimeter. Incredible. Once, I was standing where she had to go. She bonked me with her head so I'd move. I took two steps to the right and bam, that was the spot. Dog's got a whole yard and gotta take a dump where I'm standing. Oy!

Anyway, Mrs. F's on the early train so I gotta go. Have a good evening.

Pleasant dreams.

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