08 June 2004

I'm just like him

President Dicknose is already on TV comparing himself with Ronnie 'a man with core principles who did not deviate . . .' Ol' Ronnie knew when to change his mind, dipstick, remember the tax cuts? They became tax increases, twice.

And my man, Senator Joe Biden tore SS Chief . . . er, Attorney General John Ashcroft a new one over Torturegate. He explained the rationale behind the Geneva Conventions to Herr Himmler (something the AG should already know). It was nice to watch and I would have liked to have seen Biden come down and punch that Jesus feak right in the fucking nose. But Joe's a better man than I, although you could see he was holding himself back.

For those who don't know, we are signatories to the Conventions to assure that our people don't get tortured when they are captured by the enemy. It doesn't work perfectly, but it does work. Well, not any more, not after Abu Ghraib. Wait until they start to do more than behead our people. How can intelligent people support these motherfuckers in the White House?

Have I mentioned that I hate Peggy Noonan? She's on MSNBC with Lester Holt right now. Lester's asking her about her memories of Reagan so she'll never shut up. The affected bitch. Have I mentioned I hate her? Click, CNN.

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