06 June 2004

Reagan revisited

Well, cruising around the Blogosphere this morning (Mrs. F's monster woke me up at 4) only South Knox Bubba shares similar respect for Reagan as mine. He also recommends Nancy Reagan for sainthood, and I agree. He wouldn't have been half the man he was without her. Mrs. F (never a Republican) pointed out the love between Ronnie and Nancy and the genuine affection they had for each other. I wish I could write love letters the way he did. No great man (myself included) could go as far without the companionship and love of a great woman.

Say what you will about the old man, about our (mis)adventures in South America. I know about them because I was in on most of them, but he did restore our pride in country at a time it was sorely lacking. So, say what you will about Ronnie's policies, but he came along at the right time. Of all the Republicans who'd held the office in the past thirty-odd years, he was still the best.

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