05 June 2004

Cashing in the chips

Well, Ronnie Reagan's dead, and I say this with the utmost respect, it's about time. That poor bastard lingering so long with that horrible disease. Alzheimers not only robs people of their minds but of their dignity as well. I hope Mrs. F or somebody does me the favor of pulling the plug if I get that way someday and not let me lie there until my body gives out.

I voted for Reagan the first time I was eligible in a presidential election. I was in the Air Force in 1980 and turned 18 the month before and I voted for Ronnie boy. I was proud of myself that I helped affect change in this country. From my military perspective at the time, the difference between Reagan and Carter was night and day.

No longer did we operate on a shoestring, thanks to the budget-cutting days after Vietnam. We got equipment, state of the art stuff, and pay raises, and more entitlements. We could do what we signed up to do and I was proud that my vote was placed with others of the same and we elected this guy. I heard him speak once at a base I was stationed at and I knew I'd cast the right one. I voted for him again in '84, because I was still in and by that time I'd tasted combat. I'd used that good equipment and training to do what my Commander in Chief ordered. Yeah, I liked Ronnie and I was proud to follow where he led. I admit all of it. I was proud to be a Republican.

I guess it's good he lost his wits, I don't know if he would have liked the path the Republican Party has taken over the past decade. Maybe he knew it would come to this, maybe he facilitated some of it, I don't know, but I can't help feeling that if there were more like him the GOP wouldn't be the Party of the Christ. If there were more like him, I'd probably still be a Republican. Sorry to see you go, old boy. And . . . well . . . sorry about all the jokes I made since you got sick, but that's the kind of guy I am. Just remember to push the up button. Ha, but I kid. Rest in peace, Ronnie.

This'll be it for tonight. Have a good evening.

Pleasant dreams.

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