18 June 2004


Yay!!! I'm just killing time before Mrs. F has to go to work, and I wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement from Encino Lady (wife of Encino Man, who's Mrs. F's cousin). And this morning, Encino Man sent along this joke.

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a lightbulb? The answer is SEVEN:

(1) One to deny that a lightbulb needs to be replaced.

(2) One to attack and question the patriotism of anyone who asks questions about the lightbulb.

(3) One to blame the previous administration for the need of a new lightbulb.

(4) One to arrange the invasion of a country rumored to have a secret stockpile of lightbulbs.

(5) One to get together with Vice President Cheney and award a million-dollar no-bid contract to Halliburton Industries for supplying a lightbulb.

(6) One to arrange a photo-op session showing Dubya changing the lightbulb while dressed in a flight suit and wrapped in an American flag.

(7) And finally, one to explain to Dubya the difference between screwing a lightbulb and screwing the country.

Just a giggle to get you smiling on a Friday. Let me just go on record to say that I love the Encino Family dearly, even if they are . . . CALIFORNIANS!

And speaking of Californians, the King of the Jews will be in next Wednesday. Can't wait to see him, although I probably will have to call in hungover on Thursday. Thankfully, it's an excuse Harry will accept. Anyway, Happy Friday, gotta take Mrs. F to the train.

Also, Encino Lady reminded me that I was remiss in not adding Billionaires for Bush to my links list. It's a great site and I will remedy the situation this afternoon when I get home.

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