06 June 2004

Bill and Hil

Got this from Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo. I posted the whole thing so you won't have to chase after it.

The Clintons on Reagan...

Statement of Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary and I will always remember President Ronald Reagan for the way he personified the indomitable optimism of the American people, and for keeping America at the forefront of the fight for freedom for people everywhere. It is fitting that a piece of the Berlin Wall adorns the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington.

President Reagan demonstrated his strength and resolve after leaving office when he shared his struggle with Alzheimer's Disease with the world. We will always remember his tremendous capacity to inspire and comfort us in times of tragedy, as he did after the loss of the space shuttle Challenger. Now he, too, has "slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God," and we can rest assured that, as joyous a place as Heaven is, his wit and sunny disposition are making it an even brighter place to be.

Hillary and I send our prayers to Nancy, their children and their many friends and family, as well as our gratitude for the life of a true American original.

Do you think President Laura-still-wipes-my-ass would be as charitable were Ol' Slick Willie the one pushing up daisies? I don't.

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