06 June 2004

Another survey

Found this via Matt Yglesias. As he says, good questions. The answers are mine.

Thirty-One Questions

I’m dying to hear your opinions on approximately thirty-one items. That’s why I’ve devised this gallimaufry survey. Please oblige by listing your responses in the comments section. Feel free to qualify, explain, or elaborate upon your answers.

I’ll post my answers first. Happy opining!

1. Gasoline should cost more than $2/gallon. (T/F)


2. Democracy is:
a) a worthy but unattainable ideal.
b) in need of redefinition.
c) a crock.
d) presently exemplified in one or more nations (U.S. or not-U.S.).
e) other: _____________________________.


3. (Non-human) “nature” is worthy of moral consideration, independent of its role in human health. (T/F)


4. I am racist (which does not imply that I want to be racist). (T/F)


5. It is a good idea to book Elton John as the surprise headliner at the finale concert for Harley-Davidson’s 100-year celebration in Milwaukee. (T/F)

A-T (I'd love to see that.)

6. Christianity:
a) embodies truth better than any other religion.
b) is still vital.
c) both a and b.
d) has neglected to continue to develop its myth throughout the ongoing transformation of consciousness (also known as deep changes in zeitgeist)—and has therefore lost its vitality for modern/postmodern humanity.
e) other: ______________________________.


7. The state of ecosystems is a primary concern of mine. (T/F)


8. I am probably well-informed about U.S. activity in the world. (T/F)


9. When a cat stands on its hind legs to lean on a sliding screen door with its front legs, but instead falls forward because the screen door is open and there is only air to support the cat when it leans, the cat:
a) makes a mistake.
b) is involved in an accident.
c) sins.
d) commits a crime.
e) other: _________________.

A-A (Tell me people choose other answers)

10. It is important to be a consumer of mainstream culture. (T/F)

A-F (It's not important to die with the most toys.)

11. Environmentalists tend to hold unrealistic views. (T/F)

A-T (Not that I disagree, but they seem naive in the way the world works)

12. Life is hard. (T/F)


13. I love life. (T/F)


14. The world is basically ruled by rich men. (T/F)


15. Educated females who want and can support children (and have partners in child-raising, if I prefer) should reproduce. (T/F)


16. “Cool” is a meaningful and useful concept. (T/F)


17. Most of the world needs greater economic growth. (T/F)


18. I like root beer. (T/F)


19. “Sexual orientation” is a meaningful and useful concept. (T/F)

A-T (But it shouldn't be a defining concept.)

20. If I were to ride a bicycle, I would wear a helmet. (T/F)

A-F (So, I'm an idiot, big deal.)

21. It is better to be a “well-rounded” person than to do one or two things extremely well. (T/F)

A-T (Well rounded as opposed to idiot savant?)

22. It is important to remain unemotional in discussions about power and justice. (T/F)

A-I can't remain unemotional in those circumstances.

23. I watch at least five movies per month. (T/F)


24. I like horror movies. (T/F)

A-F (I can scare the shit out of me better than they can.)

25. Feminism is needed. (T/F)


26. I am uncomfortable with the word “feminism.” (T/F)

A-F (If I were, I wouldn't be married to Mrs. F.)

27. The life of a man in this age is difficult, in a special way. (T/F)


28. Psychological awareness is a project/process of primary importance and relevance. (T/F)

A-F (Although I'll admit I'm slightly nuts.)

29a. I am:
a) a citizen of the U.S.
b) a citizen of a country other than the U.S.
c) a citizen of the world.
d) other: _________________________.

A-A first, then C

29b. (If I answered “a” to question 29a) I:
a) regularly feel guilty about my complicity in the exploitation/oppression of many people around the world.
b) feel grateful for my wealth and opportunities.
c) both a and b.
d) think “oppressive” is the wrong word to describe U.S. activity and influence.
e) both b and d.


30. I think I should do something different or more to “make the world better.” (T/F)


31. I am directly seeking happiness. (T/F)

A-Already have it, but I want MORE than enough.

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