14 June 2004

Al Qaeda

MSNBC Breaking News

Man allegedly in al-Qaida plot to bomb Ohio shopping mall -
Federal authorities on Monday unsealed charges against a Columbus, Ohio, man alleging that he was involved in an al-Qaida plot to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio

I love hearing this, being that one of Mrs. F's biggest clients is in Columbus and she goes there regularly. My wife is a terrorist magnet, or at least it seems that way. She was at the World Trade Center for the '93 bombing, on the LIRR train with Colin Ferguson when he decided he wanted to kill everybody, and she had a front row seat for 9/11. Thankfully, they caught this putz or she would probably have been shopping there when he blew the fucking place up. As I always say, if they kill my wife, they're going to know what an American terrorist is all about cause I'm gonna go on a rampage throughout the Middle East, killing everyone I can before they kill me. Nuff said.

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