13 June 2004


It was a crazy day, starting at 6 when I had to go to Home Depot to pick up some plumbing and electrical supplies. Then off to Wal-Mart (fuck you, I like low prices) to get some necessaries. Then Mrs. F and I had haircut appointments. And then to the Ford dealer.

One of the reasons I was all fired up Friday is that the Benzmeister put me off for another week. I couldn't wait that long so I blew off the Mercedes plan and went to the Ford shop where we get Mrs. F her Explorers. I walked out an hour and a half later with a new Ranger Sport pickup, close to 20 grand poorer. It's got a V-6 and 5-speed stick. It's 2-wheel drive with a bunch of cool things like sport seats, gauge package, step bars, fog lights, 6-CD player, and sport suspension. Looks like it'll be fun to drive. I pick it up Tuesday evening.

And in case there is any doubt, yes, I am a Ford man. "Friends don't let friends drive Chevys."

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