07 June 2004


The points standings are out and I ain't happy. Only 10 drivers are within the 400 point range and there are still 13 races left before the 'playoffs'. If they keep driving as shitty as they did yesterday, they'll only have 3 cars chasing the title. The more I see of Nextel and their stewardship of the sport, the more I dislike them. Bring back Winston, Nextel sucks.

Kurt Busch sucks too. Is there anyone he hasn't run into this year? Fucking guy caused two accidents yesterday. Time to sit him down for a race or two. And speaking of the high hard one, why can't Jeff Burton get sponsorship? He's one of the best drivers on the circuit and the 99 car is a blank canvas. Have I said that Nextel sucks? Well, off to the mines.

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