10 June 2004


I'm listening to President Draft-dodger from this G8 conference and one thing always strikes me when I listen to him answer questions. He sounds like my third grade teacher. Just the syntax and cadence of his speech sounds like an elementary school teacher lecturing a class of six year olds. The words he chooses to emphasize sound like he's teaching them to us for the first time. Do you think Laura talks to him like that so he'll remember the talking points when the press asks him questions, softball as they are? The camera pans off to the wings and there's Eva . . . er, Laura, sitting right next to Hermann Goering . . . er, Karl Rove, watching Dubya like a couple hawks waiting for him to fuck up. Do you think he'd lose it and start singing 'Deutschland uber alles'?

Ahh, David Gregory (NBC WH correspondent) is tweaking Dubya's testicles. Good.

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