04 June 2004

Ford ruling

A bunch of bleeding hearts awarded a paralyzed woman over $370 million because her Explorer rolled over and fucked her up. I'm sorry, but she had to be doing something wrong or is just an inept driver. I've been driving Explorers since '96 (We're on our third one) and if I haven't rolled one, well . . . Our '99 even had the recalled Firestone Wilderness tires on it and I never had a problem because I kept them properly inflated. I know I sound like the President, but these lawsuits are getting out of hand and the judgments are even worse. We're paying for all these lawsuits, people, with higher prices on cars, tires, and everything else. Don't tell me this woman would have contributed $370 million to her family's income would she not be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Yes, she should get something, but not a windfall like this just because she was a bad driver or the car was poorly maintained. Let's just say I have some insight into the Firestone mess and in most instances the tires weren't to blame, it was the loose nut behind the wheel.

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