06 June 2004


Well the Dover race is over and Mark Martin brought the #6 Viagara car to victory. It's about time, Ol' Mark ain't won in a couple years. My boy Rusty Wallace finished 14th, one lap down. Respectable, but with this new fucking points system it ain't good. Only those within 400 points of the leader will be able to compete for the championship in the last 10 races.

I'm one of those guys who think NASCAR is getting too commercialized. Yes, it was commercial before, but Winston, when they sponsored the Cup Series, kept their hands off. Nextel, the nitwits who took over when all of you fucking anti-smoking idiots compliained cigarette sponsorship was setting a bad example for your kids (can you all abdicate any MORE of your parental responsibilities?), has fucked with every aspect of the sport and it's starting to suck. I've been a fan since I can remember, we're talking close to 40 years, and Winston helped guide the sport to this point over 25 years. Until this season, the sport revolved around the fan. Now, it revolves around Nextel.

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