23 February 2012

Counting Carbs

No, I am not talking about your diet.
I see at least six.

Wait, it could be three Quadra Pukes back to back.

I am obviously positive this is a custom rod but I just noticed the bed and the  top of the cab are married.

Is that a Studebaker bed?


Gordon said...

Around here, mechanics who oughta know better call 'em "Quadrajunk". The truth, IMNSHO, is that Quadrajets are really good carburetors, made so yer Grannie can take her canary to the mountains on vacation without thinking about what makes her car go, but they have a lot of adjustable circuits that guys just don't want to take the time to learn how to work on so they replace 'em with Holleys that barely have any adjustment at all. Simple carbs for simple minds.

I learned how to work on Rochesters when my buddy the car mechanic couldn't get a 2-bbl to carburate right on his dirt track Street Stocker. I read a book called something like "Rochester Carbs for Dummies". Simple.

Ya think the guy can SEE where he's going outta that rat? Scary.

Gordon said...

With all that breathing apparatus on there, I bet it sucks the gas tank flat every time he floors it. Heh.

Ruckus said...

Some what unfamiliar with current trends in custom rods so I have a question. Isn't a reto rod supposed to not just look like a pile of rust swept together?

Gordon said...

That's called a "patina" these days. Some guys paint it with clear so it won't get any worse..