12 February 2012

Beauty and The Beast

I ran into this over at FARK.. It's called The Stretch Boat Limo Van.

It's not a bad idea and if you start at the back and work forward, it is sleek and graceful, until you get to the front.

It is like someone grafted Frankenstein's head on to Beyonce's body.

An E350 van nose on such a pretty body?

I have worked on hundreds of those vans and my first question is, WHY?
My second and more pertinent question is just how long and how many thousands of dollars did it take to make that boat anchor waterproof?

This thing is actually supposed to float!


Fixer said...

This thing is actually supposed to float!

For how long?

Anonymous said...

U don't see the whole picture Henryx autosound in orange county Ca. owned one maybe the same one the van is the trailer that is a real boat inside. It slips into the van.

Anonymous said...

Oops that was Henrys