03 June 2007

Fireroad Special

I just like this bike and wanted to share. It's a '70 Triumph Bonnie set up for street and fast dirt roads. It will make about 50HP, with bags of torque. These things are about as much fun as you can have with yer clothes on!

The bike ain't got a thing on it that it doesn't need to get down the road without getting a ticket.

Ceriani forks, Works Performance shocks, Filtron 'green weenie' air filters, TT pipes (I'll bet those "mufflers" are hollow!), minimal lighting, fenders, and other legal BS, the rare (these days) aluminum oil tank and the very rare Webco rocker shaft oil manifold - an older-style set-up. Someone's been havin' big fun with this sled for a long time. The disc brakes and aluminum rims reduce unsprung weight, just be feather-fingered on that front one in the dirt.

Turn comin' up on that twisty ol' fireroad? Crank on some throttle in 3rd, 4th if ya got a pair, and back 'er in! Whee!

And yes, my pants are down around my ankles...

There's more "readers' rides" at the LATimes.

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