13 March 2005

Shit happens

I snagged a high curb with the right rear of Mrs. F's Explorer last night while I was getting gas on the way home from a restaurant. Thankfully, we weren't far from home because I couldn't get it over 20mph and I was getting a wicked oscillation when I tried, or when I hit a bump. I know I broke a control arm because the right rear wasn't pointing straight ahead last night. Thankfully, I didn't tweak the frame (all the doors open and close properly). I gotta head out and look at it in the daylight (and sober, let that be a lesson to me), and figure out exactly what I'll need for parts. Then I gotta call my friend Kenny to come with the flatbed and bring it to the shop. Oy! Let's just say the Mrs. ain't pleased. Thankfully, she left for Charlotte early this morning and won't be standing over me as I check out her car. She also made it known she has to drive to Philadelphia on Friday and intends to use the Explorer.

So, it sucks to be me this week, don't it?

Update: 09:45:

Just came back in from groveling under the Mrs.' car and it ain't as bad as I thought. I blew the right rear tie rod in half and the running board got shwacked, but nothing I can't fix easily with a minimum of parts and a run to the wheel alignment shop. Yay!!!!!

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