06 March 2011

George Shuttleworth, Speed Demon

I just gotta get a DVD of this. Hell, it parallels my own life/racing career (including the 'creative financing/sponsorship'. Heh.) so closely I could probably make it myself!

This is from No Limit (1935) starring George Formby, Jr.

Here's the setup. There's a golden comedy line in this that I couldn't read 'til I full-screened it. George is a Rainbow man and gets a letter back from the Rainbow Cycle Company Ltd. telling him thanks but no thanks for a spot on their racing team but "we wish you success on your reconditioned 1925 Rainbow motor cycle". Best o' luck on that old crapcan we sold you, chump. To me that's priceless.

Thanks to freejim2828.

Here's the obligatory (around here anyway) cruise ship scene on the way to IoM:

Actress and comedienne Florence Desmond sings in George Formby's debut Ealing-ATP film 'No Limit' (1936).

I've subtitled the scene, "Fixer takes the wheel!". Musta spent some time on the set first. Heh.

Thanks to littleshoemaker, UK.

Here's the payoff - the Isle of Man TT race, filmed on location on the Isle of Man. TT aficionados will recognize some famous landmarks such as the Ramsey Hairpin, the famous jump at Ballaugh Bridge, and others including a particular pub that's probably had more motorcycles through the front door than any biker bar in Sturgis. Heh. Try some of this stuff on modern racebikes and you'd have many expensive lumps o' shit and a lousy movie. There's something to be said for old-fashioned simple iron and steel motorcycles.

This puts a lot of modern comedy chase scenes to shame. I musta learned to ride by watching this in the cradle...

Thanks to megasuggs, UK.

I hope you enjoyed that. I sure did.

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