07 August 2010

Tires ...

I pull a lotta shit out of tires. Once I got a spark plug (porcelain end first), another time a nail clipper, a sharp rock, a crucifix, you name it, I got it out of a tire. I once took the fork end of a tire plug tool (had to dismount it) that musta fell in when the guy who was plugging the tire's tool broke (I heard it rolling around inside the tire when I took the wheel off) and he was too lazy to dismount it. Fuck I know how somebody balanced that wheel.

So last week, I got one I never had before. Half-inch plywood:

Naturally the tire was shot and had to be replaced. Ain't no fixin' that.

Speaking of tires, this is what happens inside a tire when you run it too low on air pressure. Think about it:

Click pics to embiggen.

This one wasn't far from shredding completely apart. Can't be good if it happens at highway speeds.

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