23 May 2007

Big cats

I hate Jaguars. I mean, I think Jaguar makes some of the most beautiful cars in the business, the classic lines are always in style. I hate working on them. I've hated working on them since the first time I ever worked on one. We don't take them in at the shop. If someone comes in with a Jag, we send them up the street to the Screamin' Guinea Nunzio. Nunz'll work on any fucking thing. The most I do on a Jag is a NY State Vehicle Emissions and Safety Inspection. Won't even turn a wrench on one. Harry hates working on them. Indian hates working on them. In fact, I know most of the guys at the local Jaguar dealership hate working on them.


Mrs. Indian drives a Jag and her electric fuel pump shit itself. Guess what we did this afternoon?

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