16 March 2007

Super Duke

Throttle Jockette Susan Carpenter of the LATimes with a review and video of the KTM 990 Super Duke:

THINK KTM, and a couple of words spring to mind:



Not only has the renowned Austrian manufacturer of navel-orange dirt bikes dominated the prestigious Dakar Rally for seven straight years, it's giving the Japanese a run for their money in motocross, supercross, super-moto and every other two-wheeled off-road sport.

The Super Duke is KTM's first stab at a pure street bike. Knowing them, they'll pull it off just fine. Austrians, you know.

Go read and watch. The bike is kinda pricey, but F & G brings you nothing but the finest. I sorta have a lust on for KTMs. The Super Duke is a nice bike, but if I had my choice it would be the 990 Adventure because it's more back-road capable and the styling's more to my taste. What I'd really like is for 'em to hang some lights on the 950 Super Enduro R...

Note to Ms. Carpenter: shitcan the music in the video and let us hear the engine, and what the hell are you doing putting Shell gas in a nice bike like that? Ya tryin' ta melt it? I wouldn't put Shell in my leaf-blower!

Yes, BadTux, we know you love that old KLR. :)

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