17 December 2004


Don't wanna go in to work this morning. Just was looking at the local news and what do I see? Two of the kids from the neighborhood are in critical condition with massive head injuries. 7 of 'em packed into a Jeep Liberty (the parents' car) and they lost control and slammed into a tree at excessive speed. They were ejected. Now, I saw a picture of the car (yeesh) and if it's who I think it is . . . well, if there is a God, listen to me for once. I remember when these kids were born, their folks have been customers of Harry's for 25 years. It's gonna be a sad day. I recognized the place where they went in; it's on the shore road that winds around the marinas. Have I mentioned we've had a cold snap?

Parents, please, especially at this time of year, think twice about letting your kids take the car. Ask them where they're going and what they're doing. For two families, the holiday season will always be associated with this. Who the fuck made the law that allows teens to drive when they're 16? Jesus H. Christ.

I'm still looking for the link. Probably have one this afternoon.

Update: 14:15:


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